Quest: Barenziah's Book finish problem

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Quest: Barenziah's Book finish problem

Post by ennorie »


I found the questing parchment and I am ready to give it back to the queen. Click, I'm given 1049 gold.
Now the parchment has disappeared from inventory and the quest should be done.

It is still visible in the Active Quests section. And it is there no matter how I complete the quest, whether with mods on or all mods disabled (This also applies to the fresh installation of the DFU).

I started the quest with mods enabled (among others) :
Quest actions extension
Quest pack 1
Quest offer locations
Convenient Quest Log
Vanilla Quests Reranked
No Rush Main Quest

I attached my savefile - can anyone finish this quest and make it disappear from the Active quest?

save file
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Re: Quest: Barenziah's Book finish problem

Post by Interkarma »

Hey there. :) Sometimes quests take a little while to finish and disappear from log because they still have something to do in the background. If you've fully wrapped up the quest, it should vanish out of log after several days. After completing quest, try fast travelling around for a couple of in-game weeks and see if it clears from log.

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Re: Quest: Barenziah's Book finish problem

Post by SerraAngel »

Hello, i'm having the exact same issue. I already traveled from Wayrest to Sentinel, did some quests there, but the book quest still shows as active.
Also i was not able to talk to Gortwog at all while doing the quest, so i just took the book from his dungeon and gave it to the queen and got the reward.
My question now is, if i "complete" the quest using console commands will this progress the main quest line? or will the next one not start because it wasn't finished legit?

thanks in advance!

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