Help with editing paper dolls’ faces

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Help with editing paper dolls’ faces

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I’m using Daggerfall unity v.1.1.1 and modding. I thought it could be fun to customize the paper dolls face, but I can't find a tutorial specifically for that and all my current efforts have failed.

I’ve downloaded Daggerfall Imagin 2, so exporting them into png’s and editing them has gone fine, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to import them into the game!

I'm advised to name the png the right thing and place it under the “DaggerfallUnity_data > StreamingAssets > Textures”.

There're two different maps in the Textures folder: CifRci and Img. Since the original face files are CIF files, I assume I need to place my replacement file in the CifRci folder, but I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked, and neither has the Img folder nor just putting it in the Textures folder.

When it comes to naming my file, I just tried to do an edit of the male Nord face number 8-0, so I tried naming my replacement texture “FACE0210.CIF_8-0.png”

Did I miss anything? Hope that someone can give me some advice!

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Re: Help with editing paper dolls’ faces

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I have moved this topic to Modder Discussion :)

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