The *Unofficial* KoW Extreme texture pack XL*

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The *Unofficial* KoW Extreme texture pack XL*

Post by Midknightprince » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:48 pm

This is an alternative to KoW Daggerfall Remaster, do not use both...

The goal of this is to give people more choice with a completed texture pack, to try and change stuff up while still being vanilla friendly, and to make DFU look as pretty as possible by manually going into the textures folder, changing some textures in some places, or adding an Xml file to enhance the lighting, and manually tweeking .Xml files for each texture individually.

You can alternatively play this with point filter on, as the town NPC's are no longer in this pack (Only Npcs IN locations are in this pack), so if you still want that vanilla feel, with a really pretty world to look at,I have set it up to be doable that way..
Just turn on point, and done.

*Simply backup your textures folder, delete or move it, and unzip this one in its place into DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets.
*Turn ON texture compression.
*Pick your filter settings
*Make sure allow modded textures is turned ON.
*Start the game.

*Took out XML file for some wood textures to fix the shininess on some wooden roofs.
*Removed ALL non-vanilla friendly sprites (NPC's, and Flats).
*Removed ALL non-vanilla friendly textures in Mantellan Crux.
*Reworked Mantellan Crux textures to make it look like the epic place it is.
*Fixed floor textures in castle interiors
*Swapped out some door textures that were a bit too pretty.
*Took some unused textures out of folder

*The textures for the compass mod, and the clock mod are already packed in, you still need the .dfm file for the clock, but the compass will work out of the box (link for the clock mod ).

*Make sure you meet the specs,I recommend at least 16 gigs of ram, and at the minimum a 2-4 gig 3D card.
The file size after extract is 3.27 gigs, and that's all for the video card, so.... Mileage may vary..

* You cannot randomly switch out an Xml file in this pack, and slap it on another texture.
Each one has been tweaked separately (that's right), not by looking at numbers, or texture sets, but by loading the game, looking at it, and tweaking things accordingly.
Sometimes this takes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, so experiment at your discretion.

*This pack is more hardware intensive than the default KoW pack.

Tested ONLY on PreAlpha 0.5 #124 02-Jul-18 X64 bit
I5 2300@2.8GHz, 24 gig@1333, Gforce GTX 1050Ti OC 4gig. Win10X64 (latest as of 7/8/18)
This will NOT work on a 32 bit OS

Texture pack DL ... 46L8-nVOvd


Contribution & Support
tech support

The Lacus
tech support, scripting

beautiful hand drawn terrain sprites sets

VM Blast
Mages guild texture set

Alexander Sig
Handpainted town exteriors

Grafon master
Textures, bumps map files

Compass textures

Convenient clock textures

Temperate Terrain ground set

Desert city building textures


Main character conversation portraits

Mosin Nagant for his 4 textures of swamp temple

King Worms for everything else, and putting it all together..Get his pack here...

I update this quite often, sometimes daily, so check back every week for a new version.

If you guy have trouble getting it to work, ask, I'll help if I can, and this is the first time I have ever "shared" anything on google drive so if I did it wrong let me know.

If you like these sprites, thank King of Worms not me, all I did was like I said, mix things up..

All I do ask, is that you enjoy Daggerfall, however you play it...

Daggerfall forever !!!

*XL Stands for - eXtremely Lagy, or eXtra Luxurious, depending on your specs...

See for yourself..
Load.jpg (253.34 KiB) Viewed 354 times
the boat.jpg
the boat.jpg (520.87 KiB) Viewed 354 times
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Re: DFU extreme Texture pack

Post by Midknightprince » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:26 pm

I also recommend changing how DFU uses dungeon textures in the launcher, fiddle with the setting and pick what you like best.
For ref mine is set to classic, if you want it to look like mine, there you go.
Classic seems to be a nice mix of new stuff, while still keeping each dungeon/region feeling unique.
The others seem to be randomized to much for me, but to each his own..
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King of Worms
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Re: DFU extreme Texture pack

Post by King of Worms » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:14 pm

Hi, thanks for updating the description Midknight ;)

Just one question:

"You can alternatively play this with point filter on, as the town NPC's are no longer in this pack" - does this mean the point filter is the cause of the flickering NPCs? Because to my knowledge, the texture compression is the case? When I turn the compression OFF, I can set whatever filtering I want and NPCS do NOT flicker.

Thanks! Good luck with the project!

PS: Just downloaded the pack and checked some of the textures and you should double-check some textures like archive 135 136 139 and simillar, those vanilla looking textures are IMO better in v3.0 than the old 2.0 you used... and are more performance friendly as well, just compare the size... there are lots of 2.0 textures/sprites in this pack + redundant textures I removed from 3.0 because they just prolong the loading times and bloat the archive size and are not really ingame, like the 005, 195 archives etc.

IMO best results would be to start from scratch, use 3.0 as a baseline and than add/change what you decide. That way, it will just work better.

Another example are the tapestries, for ex v2.0 057_0-0 you used is 2.79mb big, in v3.0 its just 550kb and looks EXACTLY the same and have even the same resolution - they were a part of my optimalization pass I did in v3.0. There are lots of those tapestries and they kill the RAM... and lots of textures in v3.0 are improved this way

TLDR: You are using old unoptimized 2.0 textures in many places without any visual gains but contrary + loads of unused textures I removed in 3.0

Just a idea tho, do as you decide ;) And please, just take it as a advice, not a blind criticism. I like the general idea of this project.

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Re: The *Unofficial* KoW Extreme texture pack XL*

Post by Midknightprince » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:32 am

Wow, thank you for that.
Seriously, it makes me happy :D
I thought I had the latest pack, I'll go thru and change stuff this weekend.
I am kinda going nuts editing vids....

So how does it feel to have an "unofficial" texture pack named after you ;)
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