Installation is broken

Post here if you need help getting started with Daggerfall Unity or just want to clarify a potential bug. Questions about playing or modding classic Daggerfall should be posted to Community.
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Installation is broken

Post by Ender4rmy » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:33 am

I need help because I kinda broke my installation :? .
I just installed a fresh daggerfall using the daggerfall install and I tried to "install" daggerfall unity. When the step came up to register the daggerfall path I've done what I got told to do and clicked to continue. For some reason I didn't work (and yes it was green) so I thought maybe it crashed so I clicked on the x. To my surprise it didn't crashed (it could be because I have a bad mouse ) and if I try to restart the installation of daggerfall unity it starts the game but everything except the UI is black. When I looked it up they said it could be because of the mydaggerfallpath or something like that but I didn't find that and what I found of mydaggerfallpath was actually like it should be. I tried reinstalling daggerfall which didn't work and i tried downloading another version of daggerfall unity which didn't work either and now I'm stuck with the base version of daggerfall without unity and I though hey maybe someone in the forum can help me and now here I am telling you all of this in search for anything that might help.

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Re: Installation is broken

Post by Midknightprince » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:43 pm

Did you "ublock" everything before you installed it ?
If not try that, right click on dl, look under properties, click "unblock", apply, and try reinstalling, be sure and delete the first attempt.
If that doesn't work, what OS, and what's your specs, etc..
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Re: Installation is broken

Post by Interkarma » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:16 pm

Welcome to the forums. :)

There's no installation as such with Daggerfall Unity. It's just a few unzipped files pointing to a classic Daggerfall install. It's easy to recover if you feel something has gone wrong by simply deleting the unzipped folder and downloading it again.

From the sounds of it though, you did everything right and your copy of Daggerfall is where the problem lies. Here's a quick guide to setting up again with known-good game files.
  1. Download "" from Live Builds page. Unzip to somewhere like "C:\Games\DaggerfallGameFiles".
  2. Download the latest version of Daggerfall Unity and unzip this somewhere like "C:\Games\DaggerfallUnity".
  3. Run "DaggerfallUnity.exe" and point it to "C:\Games\DaggerfallGameFiles" (or wherever you unzipped the game files).
There's also a video created by another community member that might help with setup.

If the game still doesn't start normally, please email me a copy of your output_log.txt file - also called the "player log".

On Windows, you'll find the "output_log.txt" file in the following path. Note that AppData is a hidden folder in Windows, so you'll need to show hidden files or just type the path into the address field of your file explorer.
C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Daggerfall Workshop\Daggerfall Unity

Good luck!

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