Linux build makefile deployment?

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Re: Linux build makefile deployment?

Post by noabody » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:57 pm


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name := DaggerfallUnity
version := 2018.2.11f1
.PHONY: all
	$(HOME)/Unity/Hub/Editor/$(version)/Editor/Unity -quit -batchmode -logFile stdout.log -buildTarget linux64 -buildLinux64Player "build/$(name).x86_64"

.PHONY: clean
	rm -rf build/$(name)_Data
	rm -f "build/Daggerfall Unity Manual.pdf"
	rm -f build/$(name).x86_64

.PHONY: realclean
realclean: clean
	rm -rf Library

.PHONY: distclean
distclean: realclean
	rm -rf Assets
	git reset --hard
	git checkout . -f
	git submodule update --checkout -f
I've reduced the Makefile to just the portion required. Visit my github for the current patch:
unibuild - the little kludge that could

The key thing about this Makefile is how and when to use either "realclean" or "distclean":

realclean is going to clear out the "Library" cache which Unity generates on build - use this to do a clean rebuild

distclean is going to fully clear and reset changes that Unity caused - use this when changing unity versions

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Re: Linux build makefile deployment?

Post by pango » Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:06 pm

I expected the hexadecimal number in the URL to be file-specific, but it is build-specific? Good spotting
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