Performance, memory tweaks and a few encountered bugs

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Re: Performance, memory tweaks and a few encountered bugs

Post by pango » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:45 am

Without textures compression, textures packs can make your 16GB computer swap and experience significant slowdowns. If I remember correctly compression divides textures memory footprint by 6 and make textures packs actually usable.
NPCs flickering with textures compression is, from what I understand, a known Unity bug? (and If that's the case I'm sad to report that the recent upgrade to Unity 2018.2.x didn't fix it).
Until it's fixed, the workaround I use is to remove all impacted textures, because lower res NPCs are less annoying than disappearing ones. In Textures subdirectory that should be png and xml files starting with 381 to 399 and 451 to 456.
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Re: Performance, memory tweaks and a few encountered bugs

Post by King of Worms » Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:30 am

Hi, try using MSI afterburner and set it up so you see the Ram + paging file, VRAM, CPU per core and GPU usage.

That will help you determine the bottleneck of your system. Than change some settings to try to reduce that specific load.

In my experience, distant terrain is quite taxing. My texture pack 3.0 without texture compression is very memory heavy. You can enable the compression and delete the town npc sprites from the pack so they are visible. There is a walkthru on how to do that at MODDB comment section under v3.0 (or 2.0 not sure) - basically the place u downloaded it from. New version will be again more optimized but it takes time and I dont want to release it untill its 100%. Plus I hope the town npcs bug will be solved but thats nothing I can do here. Its being acknowledged tho

Experiment with the mods, settings etc. Dont forget this is alpha :) have fun, thanks 4 feedback

Ps: only crashes i had was wgen my paging file was disabled. I have it set manually to 12gb now. Plus 8gb ram and 4gb vram. It all can get saturated without texture compression tho!

PSS: When DFMOD version of my mod actually works, it further reduces the ram/vram usage a lot, same as with the loading times. On the other hand, it takes like 1 minute for a game to start on SSD. I guess it needs to go thru all the dfmod files.

PSSS: Its very strange to me, how view distance affects loading times... maybe something to look at in the future.

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