[Windows_x64 75] Enemies can spawn above ground level [CLOSED]

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[Windows_x64 75] Enemies can spawn above ground level [CLOSED]

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Not sure if this can effect things during normal gameplay, however it might, so I'm putting it up here anyway.
The enemies can teleport up with you, if you're jumping super high, as you can see in the video, this only happens sometimes. To reproduce; get an enemy to spawn (possibly outside a location?), then set jump to some ridiculous level e.g. 256, and then jump. I was wondering if this could have a negative effect (if this always happens at certain altitudes) in places like the Wrothgarian Mountains, where you could for example be running up a hill, and have an enemy do something weird. I was also wondering if it had anything to do with the bug of enemies spawning in mid-air, however that seems unlikely.

Video is highly compressed so I wouldn't have to upload it to some external service. Format is 7z, with the file split into 2, then zipped since attachments must be one of the supported fromats. Nevermind, that was getting a bit too complicated, I would have had to split up the file into 6 chunck with 7z (attachment limit was smaller than I thought), then zipped each individual one. Instead I've just attached the most important part where I have it working.. Ok, nevermind that, attachment limit is still smaller than I thought, I guess I'll have to split it up anyway.
Format is zip, split into parts with a max size of 1800KiB, each then zipped again so it is one of the allowed extensions.
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Re: [Windows_x64 75] Enemies can spawn above ground level [CLOSED]

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This one is related to a later bug report.


Will close this topic and work off the newer report to prevent enemies/guards spawning in air/rooftops.