Would it be difficult to make "hire mercenaries" mod?

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Would it be difficult to make "hire mercenaries" mod?

Post by piapple » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:18 am

In the game ais from different factions already fight among themselves. Humanoid fight animals, animals fight monsters. I really like this implementation making it feel like the humanoids are adventurers like me trying to make some cash in a dungeon. So I wonder would it be hard to make a mod where you can go to a tavern in a town and hire a mercenary who will assist you in your quest. I'd say the price be some where from 50-200 and every 5th day he/she gets paid that amount. I don't know coding very well, but this project feel like a stepping stone for me to get back to coding again. I know it's possible to make this mod, but i wonder if it will be difficult add it to the game without breaking it?

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Re: Would it be difficult to make "hire mercenaries" mod?

Post by King of Worms » Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:55 pm

This and conjuration would add a lot to the game richness. And its in tune with the later TES games as well. No idea about the difficulty, sorry :/

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Re: Would it be difficult to make "hire mercenaries" mod?

Post by Interkarma » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:41 pm

Welcome to the forums. :)

Yep, this is possible now with the effect system. In fact the Sanguine Rose artifact is already functional as a magic item to summon a creature allied to the player, that might be a good starting point. The companion would need some help to follow player around and know what to attack. Set the player as their movement target and enable flight on them when player does something like levitate or climb, and implement the trusty "blink to player" catch-up when they get stuck. Then set their combat target based on whatever hit player last. You could make them nameless churn-n-burn allies (e.g. Diablo 2) or fully storied and immortal companions (e.g. Skyrim). All within the realm of possibility.

You can use the quest system to create a story for them. Check out this video of my custom Vanity Clone effect to see an example of effect system and quest system working together to do something unique. The potential for using quests and effects together has not been truly explored yet.

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