[WIP]Airships - Update 0.2.7 [22 Sept 2020]

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[WIP]Airships - Update 0.2.7 [22 Sept 2020]

Post by Kaedius »


- Compatibility with Travel Options.

Get it on Nexus:

  • Fully controllable airship to operate.
  • Click on a location on the world map, and the ship will automatically fly there.
  • You can freely walk around on the ship while the ship is in-transit.
  • You may safely store your loot on the airship.
  • Configurable air traffic. See other airships zooming across the map!
  • Charter a flight to travel as a passenger.

Be sure to visit Mod Settings prior to launching to set a few settings:

Ship cost: Set the cost of the available ships. You can set the price to 0 for quick access.

Air traffic spawn: Sets the rate of airship spawn or disables it completely. Keep in mind that at the moment no effort is made to ensure air traffic actually crosses the players path and other airships spawn away from the players view, so even high frequency settings may have limited encounters. The ships will currently destroy themselves when far enough away, but they are slower and can be followed to see their destination.

Instant ship summon: Calling the airship will spawn the ship in the world and it will fly to the player and drop ropes for the player to board. Instant-summon will instantly spawn the ship and place the player at the ships wheel.

Rope Physics: By default the ship ropes will sway with physics. Disable if it causes performance issues or if you prefer static ropes.

Dream Enabled: Toggling this will remove the airship button added to the transport menu, allowing DREAM to take over. Instead, the Ship button is used to call the airship and a prompt will appear if you own both a ship and an airship.

Ship Cargo: Enables limiting the amount of loot a ship can hold.

How to Use

There are airship merchants outside of each gate at every large city, as well as a small chance to be in smaller villages. They are standing still and are wearing red. Speak with them to buy/sell an airship, or to charter a flight.

Once bought, bring up the transport window, and click on the airship to call it. If instant summon is not enabled and the ship is inactive, the ship will appear nearby and fly to the player. Use the ropes that drop in order to board the ship. If the ship is already active, the ship will attempt to fly to the players current position but not drop boarding ropes.

Activating the ship itself will bring up the ship window with a few options:

Toggle Ropes: Click to either deploy or reel in the boarding ropes. This occurs once the window is closed and is the main way to board the ship when on foot.

Stop: Clears any active town targets and autopilot. Use to quickly stop the ship if you are away from the ship wheel.

Send Away: Use this to send the ship away for any reason. Can only be used when not on the ship.

Customize: Various customizations for the ship. Currently, only changing the sail color is available. Press Esc to exit the color changing window.

How to Fly

Activate the ship wheel at the back of the ship to begin flying. Use your turn/strafe left and right keys to turn the ship. Tap forwards to increase the speed, tap backwards to decrease speed. The max speed is a value of 10. Press float up to increase vertical speed, and float down to decrease vertical speed. The max vertical speed is 3. Horizontal movement is currently disabled.

The window at the top of the screen displays the current speed settings, with forward speed at the top and vertical on the bottom

Click and hold the left mouse button to bring up the mouse cursor, and hover it over the Autopilot button to activate autopilot. Autopilot will take over the vertical speed and ensure you do not fly into mountains, while you still control forward speed and turning.

Pressing spacebar clears all speed settings as well as autopilot.

Click again on the ship wheel or press escape to exit control. The ship will continue to fly at the last speed settings, so leaving autopilot on is recommended to not fly into the terrain.

Bring up the map menu and click on any location to set a target for the ship to fly to.


Open the downloaded archive and place the .dfmod in the DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods folder in your Daggerfall Unity installation directory.


D.R.E.A.M by King of Worms: This mod adds an airship option to the transport menu, and therefore will conflict with DREAMS transport menu. There is a compatibility option in mod settings to remove the airship button and instead use the Ship button to call the airship.

Tedious Travel by jedidia: Compatible. If you have a current destination and open the travel map while on the ship, be sure to click "No" if it prompts whether to continue journey.

Distant Terrain: Compatible, but personally my computer doesn't handle it too well. It also removes the distant fog and reveals the tiles to all be water, which is awkward looking when flying over land. Could just be my setup is installed wrong.

Mountains and Hills: Compatible, highly recommended!

Has not been tested with Wilderness Encounters by Kamer. Unsure how the spawns will be effected.

Known Issues
  • The rotation of the ship is currently not in sync with the player. Try to stay still while the ship rotates before flying to its destination, and be careful once it arrives as well. You may accidentally plummet over the edge!
  • There is currently no max vertical distance. It's not recommended you fly directly upwards beyond view limit as I don't know what exactly would happen...
  • Using levitate to board the ship will not work. For now, only use the ropes to board.
  • The world map does not show your position when you fly over the middle of the map, so it can be easy to lose your position. Generally flying south, east, or north will hit land eventually.
  • Terrain collision is a work-in-progress. If you collide with the terrain, try backing back out or flying up. You'll pop out eventually. It is possible to keep flying into the terrain and entering no-mans-land. Ship-on-ship collision hasn't been tested much and will probably act strangely.
  • It's not recommended you attempt to board another ship. This may have unknown consequences.
  • Flying in weather can cause weather to stream behind the ship rather than around the player.
  • Be cautious in the small compartment in the front of the ship and in the bottom deck. You can walk up through the ceiling/wall.
  • You cannot jump while on the airship.

Future Plans
  • More ship types.
  • More interesting air traffic, including pirates.
  • Cannons,crew members, ability to board other ships and be boarded.
  • A more immersive method of ship-buying, more ship customizations, and various balance issues such as limited loot cargo space.
    All will be optional.

This is a work-in-progress, with more features and refinements in the works. Please expect there to be bugs, and please report them when you find them!

Find it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/daggerfallunity/mods/15/
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Re: Airship Video

Post by Interkarma »

Shut the front door! :shock:

This is sublimely awesome...

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Re: Airship Video

Post by Jay_H »

I demand that this be made the capstone prize for the Archaeologist guild.

Pending Hazelnut's approval, of course.

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Re: Airship Video

Post by pango »

Crazy cool stuff, you made my day!
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Re: Airship Video

Post by Deepfighter »

One word, "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G"! Keep up this awesome idea. The first step for a Daggerfall Steampunk :D
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Re: Airship Video

Post by Dalebvr »

Now that is fast travel done with style! With almost all the possible options you could attach to this, It almost has to be the grand prize of an uber quest. It would make a nearly perfect storage option. Bravo!

The questing options that come immediately to mind are 1) retrieving a control object that makes you the master of the ship. 2)Having to work through a massive dungeon to find the dock where this thing was built (you could probably even make it a long lost Dwemer outpost, which would tie the later games into DF a bit more, since Dwarves evolved considerably from Morrowind on). 3)Some rescue quest for the family of a wealthy, half mad wizard. 4) A series of quests from the Wizards Guilds, that gets you a set of control spells for the thing. It could be a simple summons, or multiple spells.

Once you had it, you open up options for other kinds of quests. If there were weapons on board, you could create battles with swarms of Seducers (since dragons are dead at this time, no battles there :( ). This opens up the entire sky as a playground!

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Re: Airship Video

Post by King of Worms »


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Re: Airship Video

Post by Uncanny_Valley »

That is just stupid cool. :lol: It is time to take to the sky!

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Re: Airship Video

Post by mikeprichard »

Just make it so you can sneak while traveling by airship, and any advantage horse travel had would be lost... awesome!

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Re: Airship Video

Post by Arctus »

Damn this is wild.

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