Movement Affecting Sprite offsets

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Movement Affecting Sprite offsets

Post by l3lessed » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:33 pm

Thought drop this question, as its the last large bug I'm stick on for my combat/animation project.

When I walk forward and do a forward stab, the forward movement actually affects the sprite/animation offset position.

So, if I stand still, and stab forward, I get a normal, smooth animation. Offsets render between sprite changes exactly where they should, and the animation smooths out.

However, if I am walking, and I stab and keep moving forward, the offset positions seem to actually lag behind causing the animation to start doing a weird frame jumping as it transitions to each of the sprite frames.

Anyone know how movement could possibly affect sprite rendering and offsetting?

One other weird thing, when I hold down run, and do an attack, it seems to get rid of it after a moment. To me, this is an indication it has something to do with movement speed affecting rendering in some way.

When I get home today, I'll get a video up of what I am referencing.
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