Tall sandals defined as boots.

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Tall sandals defined as boots.

Post by Ralzar » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:03 pm

There are two types of sandals in the game. The low sandals which are called "Sandals" and the tall sandals which are called "Boots".

Would it be possible to fix the tall ones definition to "Sandals"? I just discovered that with Climates & Cloaks, the tall sandals are as warm as clomping around in a pair of armored boots. And besides, it's weird that they are called boots when they are obviously sandals.

Edit: My code that checks this: https://github.com/Ralzar81/Climate-and ... ks.cs#L715

I could probably fix this for my mod by making an exception where I check the image used by the item, but I figured I'd first see if this is somethign that might as well be fixed directly in DFU.
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