Bug: Spellbook changes a SpellMaker "N/A" value to minimums

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Bug: Spellbook changes a SpellMaker "N/A" value to minimums

Post by Dubiousintent » Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:56 am

The SpellBook (SB) description of a spell does not match that given at the time the spell is created in the SpellMaker (SM) when the parameter should be "N/A".

For example:
Circinate "Shock" (Damage Health, on Touch) SM description is Duration: Instantaneous, Chance: N/A. SB fills in Duration and Chance at minimum values (1+1 per 1 level).

Custom "Lightning Wall" (Damage Health, Area around Caster): SM description of Dur: 2+4 per 1 level; Chance: N/A; Mag: 23-24 + 1-2 per 1 level. Casting cost: 50. SB: fills in Chance: (1+1 per 1 level), which makes the spell seem impractical for the casting cost.

A value of (1+1 per 1 level) is not the same thing as "N/A". Even if in practice they are the implemented the same, the misleading description can scare off potential users.

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