Updated Town Square/Shop theme (WIP?)

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Updated Town Square/Shop theme (WIP?)

Post by miyalys » Sat May 23, 2020 5:49 pm

I tried to remake the Town Square track (or is Shop Theme its proper name?).

Here it is:
https://soundcloud.com/miyalys/daggerfa ... recreation

It's probably my favourite track on the original soundtrack. Or at least the one I feel the most nostalgic about.
I more or less just based it off the midi, picked some higher quality instruments, some mixing and only a few changes.
Maybe the mix could be improved? I'm not that skilled at mixing yet. Maybe the strings at the end should be lowered in volume?
I guess right now I just see it as three minor variations, but maybe the track should just be one of those repeated instead.

Feedback welcome.

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