Smaller Dungeons on MacOS

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Smaller Dungeons on MacOS

Post by robcampav » Sat May 23, 2020 6:53 pm

Hi guys. I was playing DFU every day for a good while and then gave it a good break. I recently discovered that there is an experimental option for smaller dungeons, which would nearly completely solve the one small gripe i have about daggerfall. After some searching, i think i ended up finding the file im supposed to edit.
NOTE* I'm playing on MacOS
i think the path is like this


i can find the line for "SmallerDungeons=False" but, when i change it to be true using a text editor, the game will no longer launch, and i just sit at a black screen with a pixelated blue cursor. however, if i go back and edit it to be false, the game starts up just fine. What am i doing wrong? I'd really like to try the game like this, i think it could literally be a game-changer.

hoping for some assistance,

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