[0.10.23] R0C10Y04 "The Evil Wizard" drops regional reputation

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[0.10.23] R0C10Y04 "The Evil Wizard" drops regional reputation

Post by Animir » Sat May 23, 2020 7:26 pm

Pretty much what it says in the thread title. I did this quest for Queen Barenziah, and after I turned it in to her I discovered that nobody in Wayrest would talk to me. I took a look at FactionData.txt in my most recent save and discovered that my reputation with Wayrest (and all of its child factions) was suddenly in the toilet. I reverted to an earlier save and redid the quest twice (once in Wayrest again and once in Sentinel), and both times my regional rep would drop by 20.

The UESP says that this quest actually does cause a 20-point reputation hit, but with the Merchants, not whatever region you're doing the quest in. I ran it in vanilla DF to double-check and that definitely is what happens.

If I'm reading the quest decompilation correctly, killing the wizard causes a 20-point reputation hit with the dummy NPC that provides a name for this wizard for use in questgiver dialogue and rumors and whatnot. Vanilla DF applies this reduction to your reputation with the Merchants (for some reason; the dummy NPC has a social group, but no faction) but it looks like DFUnity is applying it to your regional reputation instead.

I've attached before and after saves from when I ran this quest in Sentinel. For the sake of completeness (I don't think any of these touch factions or quests, but you never know), my mod list is:
  • Roleplay Realism
  • Tedious Travel
  • Climates & Calories v1.3.1
  • Roleplay Realism - Items
  • Physical Combat and Armor Overhaul
  • Convenient Clock
Wizard and bodyguards very dead.
(193.24 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Wizard still alive and hiding in room at end of corridor.
(162.72 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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