quick question (hopefully)

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quick question (hopefully)

Post by ForlornSpirit »

Can anyone tell me how to disable turning with mouse?

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Re: quick question (hopefully)

Post by pango »

Welcome to the forums, ForlornSpirit!

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve... Daggerfall Unity only implements "View" mode (mouselook or freelook in modern terms), and implementing "Cursor" mode is not planned.

I was about to suggest activating the cursor, but when you do that you can no longer turn at all. So the short answer is probably just that it's not supported.
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Re: quick question (hopefully)

Post by Interkarma »

Even Cursor mode relied heavily on the mouse. There's no version of Daggerfall that's nicely playable with only a keyboard. The best non-mouse approach is a controller with DFU.

Edit: I just played a little using keyboard turning and look up/down, and didn't need to disable mouselook. I simply didn't touch the mouse. What's the reasoning behind wanting to disable mouselook entirely for this purpose?

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