Question about Knightly Orders

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Question about Knightly Orders

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So I was looking at for information about the Knightly Orders and I was wondering, in order to rank up, do I need to have 2 of the required skills in order to join/rank up? The reason I'm asking is that the character I'm playing only has Critical Strike and Etiquette as skills that aren't misc. Critical Strike isn't too hard to level up, but Etiquette barely increases. For example, if I chose, Long Blade instead of Blunt Weapon, then it would count Long Blade and Critical Strike as my highest. So because I chose warhammers instead of swords, does that mean I have to go around talking to people politely to rank up?

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Re: Question about Knightly Orders

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Welcome to the forums, nr3bih!

You need both good enough reputation and good enough skills to join and rank up, yes.

Entry value for the second best skill is only 4%, so it should be possible to join with good rep and only one good skill; But to rank up you'll have to use one of your miscellaneous skill that won't help you also level up.

It can be done, I ranked to the top using a predefined Bard class that only has short blade as weapon skill; It's just not as easy.

Also those guilds have no trainer, so you either have to use this weapon on the field, or use fighters guild trainer instead.
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