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Idea: Morrowind-esque Shipmasters

Posted: Tue May 24, 2022 12:05 am
by Dabvere
Forget about horses, even walking without fast travel actually takes less in-game hours than using a ship when travelling between two coastal cities. This problem be could fixed if shipmasters that worked in a similar way to Morrowind were modded into the game. By this, I mean that there could be NPCs in locations with ports that take you to other ports when spoken to. This service would of course not be free, but unlike the Mage's Guild teleport, it would be open to the public. Using a shipmaster should cause some in-game hours to pass, but be faster than a horse.

I would bring this idea to fruition myself, but I unfortunately have zero modding experience. I'm writing in the hopes that someone will be interested enough to try and make a mod like this.