Daggerfall Unity 0.14.0 Beta [Pre-release]

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Daggerfall Unity 0.14.0 Beta [Pre-release]

Post by Interkarma »

Daggerfall Unity 0.14.0 is now available! This is a general bug fix release, but due to the large number of changes is marked as a preview so modders have time to test before next general release. Full details in link below.

https://github.com/Interkarma/daggerfal ... .14.0-beta

Featured changes in this release:
  • Ground seams now fixed on some hardware/drivers
  • Quests can target named NPCs outside of dungeons
  • New WeaponSwingMode (Vanilla, Click, Hold)
  • Completed Dispel Magic effect with selection popup
  • Smaller Dungeons setting now in launcher
I'm aiming to release the next few previews in quick succession (approx. weekly) and have a stable 0.14.x general release available before end of July.

If you encounter any regressions in this version (something that was working and now isn't) please let me know here or in Help & Support.

Thank you for helping to test Daggerfall Unity!

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Re: Daggerfall Unity 0.14.0 Beta [Pre-release]

Post by Orbarth »

Thank you to every developers for the continuous improving of that awesome Daggerfall Unity !

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Re: Daggerfall Unity 0.14.0 Beta [Pre-release]

Post by Baler »

Hold and keep auto-attacking :o It became a reality!

Thank You Interkarma and everyone who has contributed to DFU!
Many fantastic fixes and updates in this release.

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