Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta

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Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta

Post by Interkarma »

Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta is now available! This release is an improvement update with bug fixes and new modding support. Includes fixes by Kab for an upcoming mod. Version 0.14.4 is intended to be a stable version for general play.

https://github.com/Interkarma/daggerfal ... .14.4-beta

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Re: Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta

Post by TacticalTrickery »

Wow... you're crankin' versions out like they're nothin! Was just setting up a new environment for 0.14.3 on a better rig -- barely even gathered the hardware and files for it -- and you're already on a new point release! Props to you, dude.
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Re: Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta

Post by Magicono43 »

Thanks for pushing out this version, and obviously everyone that contributed with PRs!

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Re: Daggerfall Unity 0.14.4 Beta

Post by Baler »

A lot of good things in this release, I like what I'm seeing!

Thank you for all the hard work :!:

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