Enemies climbing

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Enemies climbing

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(This post is in part a reminder for myself)

I'm not sure if this should be conflated with "Rats can't climb stairs", probably not since it's a set of different issues concerning enemies and "climbing":
  • enemies can't climb elevator platforms. Does anybody know if that's the case in classic?
  • on the other hand they love to climb levers, often dipping their head in the ceiling (my immersion! ;) )
  • and they quite happily climb steep walls, but like cats they have trouble going back down. Not sure why, maybe they aim at the wrong height vs their target?
  • they often do not pursuit you up or down slopes. I think this dates back to when some angle restriction was added to enemies to prevent flying enemies from attacking you from right above or right below, maybe this just needs adjustments.
And I know game physics is often hard to modify, and not introduce regressions...
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Re: Enemies climbing

Post by Interkarma »

Elevator platforms are above the "step" height and would require enemy to jump onto platform as player does. I don't believe they can get onto these platforms in classic either, so far as I recall.

I think rats have trouble with stairs as their eyeline is low enough that obstacle avoidance thinks a wall is in front of them. Taller enemies seem to have no issues.

I'm not sure about going down steep slopes. Could another possibility be fall avoidance? Enemy might think they're about to step off a high platform and fall.

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