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Daggerfall Unity Crashing on a 32 bit system.

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:20 pm
by aspen28570
Yea i know, but my 64 bit system is down because of the motherboard crapping out so I'm stuck with this system. Daggerfall Unity crashes on a transition (indoor to outdoor, after fast travel ect.) with random time in between, sometimes it can go for several hours other times it crashes after 30 min. the player log states "out of memory" as crash reason, I've not installed mods, and I've set the graphics setting to the lowest.

Re: Daggerfall Unity Crashing on a 32 bit system.

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 2:18 am
by Interkarma
Hey there. :)

Daggerfall Unity requires about 1GB-ish of free RAM to run. If you're encountering out of memory problems even without mods, this means there's not enough general system overhead to spare that 1GB or so of RAM continuously. Unfortunately 32-bit means that system has <4GB to work with at all times for everything running on system. Even a paltry 1GB is 25% of all possible system RAM, and it's competing with everything.

To be upfront - I will be removing the 32-bit Windows version of Daggerfall Unity at some point, likely before 1.0 release. 32-bit support is falling away on all three major platforms with each being at some stage of dropping 32-bit versions of their OS. Microsoft started this process for Windows in 2020 when they discontinued 32-bit versions of Windows 10. Linux and MacOS have basically made the chop already. I've been considering dropping 32-bit Windows builds for some time now.

All I can really suggest is trying to spare up more free RAM on your PC so you have 1.0GB - 1.5GB spare at all times. I'm sorry that's not much of an answer for you.

Re: Daggerfall Unity Crashing on a 32 bit system.

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:15 am
by pango
Does it run other games fine?

Optiplex 745 has not been validated with Windows 10 you installed on it: ... -p/5115817

But yeah, log is clear, game ran out of memory

Code: Select all

Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!
Trying to allocate: 89478488B with 16 alignment. MemoryLabel: Texture
Allocation happened at: Line:78 in 
Memory overview

[ ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD ] used: 32768B | peak: 0B | reserved: 2490368B 
[ ALLOC_TEMP_JOB_1_FRAME ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 6291456B 
[ ALLOC_TEMP_JOB_2_FRAMES ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 1048576B 
[ ALLOC_TEMP_JOB_4_FRAMES ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 7340032B 
[ ALLOC_TEMP_JOB_ASYNC ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 5242880B 
[ ALLOC_DEFAULT ] used: 99122720B | peak: 0B | reserved: 119549952B 
[ ALLOC_GFX ] used: 76097380B | peak: 0B | reserved: 205770752B 
[ ALLOC_CACHEOBJECTS ] used: 73021076B | peak: 0B | reserved: 98566144B 
[ ALLOC_TYPETREE ] used: 48944B | peak: 0B | reserved: 5242880B