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Post by Jay_H » Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:08 am

Though I haven't been posting them, I've added more content over the last few days. I'm figuring the current screenshot method doesn't really say much about them, and to show more than I used to would create spoilers :P So here's the summary since last update:

JHDB016, a quest to poison with a plant
JHDB017, a quest to steal Mages Guild research notes
JHDB018, a quest to slay a debtor
JHFG017, a quest to slay a high-ranking Mages Guild Necromancer
JHFG018, a quest to guard a weapons shop at night
JHKN026, a quest to rescue a child from a dungeon
JHKN027, a quest to slay countryside thieves
JHKN028, a quest to find a necromancer in a city
JHKN029, a quest to wipe out vigilantes in a city
JHMG019, a quest to root out a necromancer
JHMG020, a one-shot, well dangerous quest
JHPQ029, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ030, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ031, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ032, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ033, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ039, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ040, a Perpetual Quest
JHPQ041, a Perpetual Quest

These new perpetual quests are quite simple, following a format I came up with last month. They're really just intended to spruce up the Daggerfall experience with some unexpected non-sadistic events.

The two most recent Knight quests are much larger and use a new system I came up with this weekend to plant multiple events in the same remote city. It's worked out quite well in testing. Potentially, a single quest could move the PC from one city to another, gathering clues and mopping up problems and then moving on to another city to continue on. Could be something to consider.
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