Weapon Swap

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Weapon Swap

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I did some research on the weapon swap problem I encountered, but couldn't find anything, so I wanted to create one.

So, my problem is that when I equip a weapon, for example, Ebony Dagger, and use the wield button it takes a couple of seconds to unsheathe it. Actually, it is unsheathing, but not shown in my hand. This happens on bows, too. When I draw my bow, it shows the arrow count lower right corner, even though I can see my hand, the bow is not drawn.

Why is this happening?


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Re: Weapon Swap

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Switching weapons is not immediate in Daggerfall, so it seems to work as intended. The only thing suspicious in what you describe is that you "see your (empty) hand" during that wait, are you using mods?
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