Questions about HUD

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Questions about HUD

Post by Gudadantza » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:14 am

Hi all, I´d like to make some questions about HUD in game because I´v not seen nothing about this particular in the roadmap.

In the final version, will the other classic HUD and the "ultima underwold/Arena navigation mode" be implemented? The mouselook mode is superior but if the fullscreen mode is going to be the standard, or the unique option, some more visual aids on screen could be possitive in gameplay.

Some mixed and incomplete ideas:

-Maybe a widescreen version of the Classic HUD.
-In fullscreen Show on screen, the interface mode that is being used (steal, grab, dialogue...etc) That was a lack of info in original too.
-In fullscreen add the Use of one key as an option to select the interaction mode. Perhaps is a more fast and agile way of select it.


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