Custom SoundFonts

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Custom SoundFonts

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Due to a large number of requests for this over time, I've made it possible to use a custom soundfont SF2 file in Daggerfall Unity. Here are the steps:
  1. Copy your custom soundfont into StreamingAssets/SoundFonts.
  2. Edit settings.ini (see here for location) and under [Audio] header and set "SoundFont = filename.sf2".
For example:

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SoundFont = AweROMGM.sf2
Not all soundfonts will be loaded successfully. Daggerfall Unity will try to fallback to default internal soundfont in case of problems. If you only hear silence then it means the soundfont provided probably isn't compatible.

The default soundfont will remain baked into resources so the game always has a reasonable default to fall back to.