Mod request: Diablo-style Enemy Health Bars

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Mod request: Diablo-style Enemy Health Bars

Post by BansheeXYZ » Tue May 01, 2018 9:20 am

I would like to see a feature that adds small, horizontal hp/mana bars for the crosshaired enemy at the top of the screen. I guess it's just a satisfaction thing to better realize my dmg output progression, but also to strategize a bit. For example, if I'm close to death myself, but I know the enemy is as well, I might gamble and not retreat. But if I have no idea how much damage I'm dealing, then I can't really make any tactical choices based on enemy hp. Sometimes I die after hitting something a million times and all I can do is pretend that I was close to winning, which might not be true. It's just kind of unsatisfying.

I also like the way Diablo displays enemy names and resistances around the bar. Numbers inside in the bar is also good. DF does sort of use it's message output to tell you a werewolf is immune to steel and that it is a werewolf. But it's a pretty crude system in comparison.

A feature like this would also clear the way for making bosses and having them stand out, or be more intimidating due to their stats and name.

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Re: Mod request: Diablo-style Enemy Health Bars

Post by HunKame » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:53 pm

Perhaps this could be extended upon by way of enemy AI; responsive actions to player/ego status. Monsters may teleport/invisibly walk away if almost dead, or press the attack against a nearly dead player. (Hard mode - enemies get adrenaline rush when you're almost dead.)

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